Lot Split and Consolidation

A lot split takes a lot and splits it into two or more “new” lots. A lot split is requested by someone who is wanting to split an existing lot or lots to create two or more new lots. Once the proposed Plot Plan is approved by local officials, a survey crew can then be hired to go out to the property to mark on the ground where the construction of the new home will be located.

What type of property can be split?

A residential, commercial or industrial property may be split to include properties that are a part of an existing recorded subdivision, or can be of a tract of land.

Services received when ordering a Lot Split Plat

A boundary survey is performed on all properties that request to be split. The owner of a property will provide information and a new line that splits the lot is then created. After being approved by the municipality or county the Lot Split Plat can then be recorded.
Revisions and requests of change may be made by the municipality or county. Each one should be consulted with prior to having a Lot Split Plat created. A Lot Split may take a few weeks to several months to complete.

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