Sue Hayden Stites

“Shelly Daley Clark and her team always come through! The best!”

Sue Hayden Stites

A big shout out to Shelly Daley Clark, Nicki, and the team at Cardinal Surveying. Thank you for answering all my dumb questions and providing exceptional service–getting our house staked so quickly even when the weather didn’t cooperate and making sure we had everything we needed to break ground and get our build underway. Totally awesome team to work with!

Joe Crutchfield

One trend I am seeing that I am concerned about is the number of transactions where the buyer waives ordering a survey. I am concerned because of the survey issues we see and our goal, of course, is to always make sure buyers are protected. I understand the trend and it is based on cost. I know what happens, however, when a buyer who does not get a survey ultimately sells. Their new buyer orders a survey and there are encroachments or other issues uncovered by the survey that adversely affect the new transaction. So, if a buyer does waive ordering a survey, it is important that they have been given the options and have been informed of the benefits of having a survey and survey coverage on their title policy. In any case, it is food for thought and something I think is very important.

CEO of Investors Title Company
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